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Huawei competes with Tesla and Apple in the electric car

Huawei electric car
Huawei announced that it has entered a new challenge in the "electric car industry", and then everyone is jostling with "Tesla" in this promising industry, which Apple announced its entry a few months ago.
Huawei's announcement came less than a week after the Chinese electric car company Nio announced its latest versions to compete with Tesla cars.
Huawei has revealed details about a car with specifications that it says will beat the famous "Y-Y" model produced by the American car manufacturer Tesla.
Huawei said in its announcement that it would not make cars on its own, but was working with automakers on auto technology such as self-driving.

Specifications of the new Huawei car

Huawei has announced that the new car will be the first car to run on the Huawei “Harmony” operating system, and it will be called the Aito M5, a car that runs on both electricity and fuel.
Deliveries are scheduled to begin around February 20, said Yu, CEO of Huawei's Intelligent Vehicle Business Solutions business.
Prices for the Aito M5 start at 250,000 yuan, which is equivalent to $39.06, which is lower than the price of the American "Y" model, which starts at 280,752 yuan.
Huawei is the Chinese giant in the production of telecommunications products and smartphones, but for years it has been suffering from sanctions from the US regime as a result of the trade dispute between the United States and China.
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