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Lucid's electric car takes center stage

Lucid Electric Car
Lucid Electric Car
The company "Lucid" announced the happy news to all its investors, as all the cars of the most expensive Lucid Air Dream, which they released recently, were sold.
Lucid announced that the luxurious Air Dream model was completely sold after the arrival of a large number of reservation requests, which include a deposit of $ 7,500, and it is reported that the price of the electric car exceeds $ 169,000, which is the highest price in the Aircar model among 4 different categories.
For your information, the Saudi Public Investment Fund invested one billion dollars in Lucid in September of 2018, as the fund, after pumping its investments, aspires to compete with Lucid, Tesla, the giant of the "electric car industry".

Features of Lucid Air cars

The car uses many innovative technologies, including:
  1. Future headlights that use so-called tapered lenses.
  2. Autonomous driving sensors.
  3. The fastest electric vehicle charging in the world.
The "Lucid Air" car was first announced in 2017 when the prototype was shown at the Las Vegas Electronics Show. Lucid Motors seeks to compete with Tesla in the eco-friendly electric car industry, as the electric vehicle market is still intangible, and Tesla has virtually no competitors in the current market.
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