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Gold prices today

Gold & Silver Prices
Gold & Silver Prices
Gold prices rose today, Thursday, March 25, 2021, due to the increase in European cases of Covid-19, which led to concerns about the pace of the economy's recovery.
  • The price of gold in spot transactions rose by 0.1%, which led to its price reaching 1736.51 dollars per ounce.
  • The price of gold in US futures rose by 0.2%, which led to its price reaching $ 1736.50 an ounce.
The yellow metal "Gold" is the best hedge against inflation, which usually rises as a result of broad-based stimulus aimed at boosting economic growth in many countries of the world.

Silver price and Precious metals

As for the other precious metals, we find that their prices were as follows:
  1. Silver prices rose 0.2%, reaching $ 25.12.
  2. The price of platinum rose by 0.2%, and its price reached 1170 dollars.
  3. The price of palladium decreased by 0.1%, and its price reached 2631.91 dollars.
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