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Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 has been approved in Britain - Economist
Information Pfizer vaccine to Corona Vaccine COVID-19 The name of the vaccine: the BioNTech - Pfizer vaccine, it is an "American German...
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Bitcoin rising madly to repeat the rally in 2017 - Economist
Bitcoin breaks 19,000 Dollar Bitcoin Price Today The price of Bitcoin rose during daily trading, approaching the $ 19,100 mark for the first...
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Activity The economy in America 3Q-2020 - Economist
Economic activity USA in the third quarter The Economic USA Economic activity in America climb strongly in the third quarter of the year 202...
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Definition of boycott in economics - Economist
The boycott is called in English "Boycott" and it is the use of one of the well-known laws of economics , the "Law of Supply ...
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Definition Of Game Theory - Economist
Concept Game Theory Game theory is a theoretical framework for conceiving social situations among competing players. In some respects, game ...
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Factors affecting determining crude oil prices - Economist
Elements of determining oil prices The US Energy Information Administration has identified the factors that affect oil prices : Elements o...
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Oil & Gold Prices Today 10-10-2020 - Economist
Gold Price Today Gold prices rose today, Friday, during today's trading, after the rise of the global price of gold, an ounce of gold, ...
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