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Has the Bitcoin price correction begun?

Bitcoin Price decline as Bitcoin halving Approaches
Bitcoin Price decline as Bitcoin halving Approaches
Investors in "Cryptocurrencies" suffered from the significant decline that hit the "Bitcoin" currency in trading on Friday, April 12, 2024, as the cryptocurrency Bitcoin witnessed a noticeable decline after inflation data prompted expectations to further delay the US interest rate cut, in continuation of the state of volatility. Which it has been going through since reaching a new record high last month.
The cryptocurrency Bitcoin recorded a decrease during the last 24-hour transactions of $3,110, or 4.42%, to the level of $67,234, and in the context of the second largest currency, "Ethereum" its price fell by $267, or 7.61%, during the last 24 hours, to the level of $3,244.
As the middle of April approaches, the Bitcoin currency is awaiting the halving process, which occurs approximately every 4 years, which means reducing the "Bitcoin Mining" reward by half, which leads to a lack of supply, which may push prices to rise, according to analysts’ expectations.
The price of Bitcoin reached a record level last month around the level of 73 thousand dollars, with some expecting a further rise during the current year, but since then it has witnessed fluctuations between the level of 60 and 72 thousand dollars.

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