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Bonds continued to attract inflows

Global bonds continue to attract inflows
Global bonds continue to attract inflows
Global equity funds attracted significant inflows in the week ending March 20, supported by strong retail and industrial data from China, and optimism about a US Federal Reserve rate cut later this year.
While bond funds continued to attract inflows for the 13th consecutive week, amounting to $4.88 billion. Corporate bonds received $3.17 billion, while government bonds attracted $1.3 billion. On the other hand, investors withdrew $2.12 billion from short-term global bonds.

MSCI Bank for global stocks indicated a new record level of 785.5, and the US Federal Bank is relying on its intention to reduce interest rates 3 times this year.
Data from the London Stock Exchange Group released yesterday, Friday, the twenty-second of March, made up to $15.7 billion in global stocks during the week ending last Wednesday, compared to $21.95 billion in the previous week. 
The startup led the way with $14.07 billion, the highest level since mid-June 2023. Australian stocks attracted $3.29 billion, while their European counterparts recorded exits of $1.9 billion. 
The technology sector generated $2.12 billion this week, the largest inflows since mid-February, while the financial sector saw more than $1 billion in sales. The metals and mining sector attracted $459 million.
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