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The legality of cryptocurrencies in front of central banks - Economist

The ongoing clash between cryptocurrencies and governments

Cryptocurrencies and Governments
Cryptocurrencies and Governments
We find that there has been a strong clash going on since the idea of ​​"Cryptocurrencies" appeared between the central governments of countries with the encrypted digital currencies that adopt the idea of ​​decentralization.
Thus, we find that governments impose the existence of cryptocurrencies because they limit their monetary authority over the currency in the hands of citizens and the source is unknown and that it can be used in illegal and illegal acts.
In general, we find that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and others, in general, do not enjoy any form of legal or competitive protection, since they are carried out in insecure spaces, which prompted the Central Bank of Egypt to ban digital currency trading platforms in Egypt, as well as prohibit transfers Financial about it.

Cryptocurrency flows totaled $ 4.9 billion as of mid-April

Despite the opposition of many countries to the idea of ​​"cryptocurrencies", but data from "Coin Shares" for the digital currency management was announced on Tuesday, April 20, that cash flows to cryptocurrencies amounted to about $ 4.9 billion by April 16.
In the same context, we find that the digital currency market faced a slowdown in the continuation of the significant increase in the value of Bitcoin and many currencies in the first two weeks of this month, as it increased by only 5.7%, but it reached an unprecedented level at just under 65 thousand dollars during that period.
And after touching that peak last week, then Bitcoin fell nearly 18% in six days.
باحث اقتصادي هدفي إنشاء موسوعة عن الدول العربية توضح جوانب القوة في كل دولة، واتمني أن يأتي اليوم الذي يتحد فيه العرب لتعم الفائدة علي كل الشعوب.


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