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Cryptocurrencies towards decentralized financing

In the beginning, we must know that the history of digital currencies is very rich in innovation and its smart threads extend more than 40 years ago, as the beginning of electronic encryption techniques was in the eighties of the last century, reaching the technologies of protecting high-speed electronic networks with very large data volumes.

Cryptocurrency Revolution
Cryptocurrency Revolution

In view of the great hype raised in the cryptocurrency market, the market value of digital currencies during the year 2020 reached more than $ 575 billion, and it had reached about $ 850 billion at the end of 2017.

The big start was since 2009 when the Japanese "Satoshi Nakamoto" launched the first mining operation on a decentralized network for a currency called "Bitcoin", which is a digital currency currently symbolized in the cryptocurrency market by the symbol "BTC", which is currently trading near the level of 19 thousand dollars per bitcoin and try Breaking the $ 20,000 barrier, and the currency acquires more than 60% of the market value of digital currencies.

If we look at the year 2012, we find that the "Rubil" company, a pioneer in financial payments, has been established. Its advanced network currency acquires about 3% of the digital currency market, which is symbolized in the currency market by the symbol "XRP".

In 2015, the emergence of smart contracts trading without the need for a third party began through the establishment of the "Ethereum" network, whose currency acquires about 19.7% of the digital currency market, which is symbolized in the currency market by the symbol "ETH".

You can also follow the momentary developments of the digital currency market, which currently contains about 7,816 currencies, through the famous site called "Coin MarketCap".
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