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Defining environmental security

Concept Environmental Security
Concept of Environmental Security
Environmental security can be defined as protecting the environment and natural and economic resources from depletion and shortages resulting from the risks committed to the right to develop natural resources and disturb the environmental balance.
Environmental security is considered one of the most important sustainable development goals and one of the most important goals of the United Nations Development Program, which is known as the Global Goals, which seek a global call to eradicate poverty, famine, and pollution and preserve the planet by 2030.

Why has environmental security become an imperative?

Environmental security has become an inevitable necessity of life as we are witnessing pollution on the planet in general through:
  • Water Pollution.
  • Soil contamination.
  • Air pollution.
  • The spread of disease.
  • Hunger spread.
  • The spread of poverty in the world.
  • Depletion of renewable and non-renewable natural resources.

How can the phenomenon of environmental pollution be reduced?

The environmental pollution spreading across the world can be reduced by taking many measures as follows:
  1. Establishing deterrent laws and activating the supervisory and penal role for violations related to the throwing and treatment of hazardous waste for some companies in rivers and seas by creating what is known as environmental police that monitors violations, and penalties may reach to withdraw licenses from them and stop them completely or imprison the owners of these projects.
  2. Addressing the apparent shortage of companies concerned with environmental protection that carry out environmental studies and projects for beach and coastal cleaning and waste treatment.
  3. Encouraging national companies to adopt clean technology, take the necessary health measures, and spread awareness and education in the fields of the environment in general.
We find that environmental pollution is double in developing countries because developed countries prohibit the establishment of any factories that pollute the environment in the coal or oil industry and others.
Therefore, these factories are looking for new places to set up their factories, and there are only developing countries that lack the inevitable laws of the environment and that attract any foreign investment from abroad without studying or monitoring, so there must be penalties and strict measures against these abuses by the governments of these countries.
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