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Could Bitcoin Rise Soon?

Cryptocurrency Market

We find that the current support level for the bitcoin is at $36,000, as analysts continue to warn of a drop in the price of bitcoin, and the price of bitcoin today fell below $36,000 but bounced again.
Bitcoin is trading today and at the time of writing the article at a price of $ 36,019, and as it is known when Bitcoin falls, the market and the rest of the cryptocurrencies fall violently.
The top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization saw daily losses of 6% or more, and the price of Ethereum is currently at $2,240, down 4.8% on the day.

An exodus of funds from the cryptocurrency market

Data from the cryptocurrency management website Coin Shares showed on Monday, June 14, that cryptocurrencies experienced an outflow of cash flow for the second week in a row.
Cryptocurrency outflows totaled $21 million in the week ending June 11, and since mid-May, the total outflows have reached $267 million.
Ethereum recorded the largest share of outflows last week, at $12.7 million, followed by Bitcoin in outflows of $10 million, well below the previous week's record high of $141 million.
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