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Cryptocurrencies are bleeding and losing $ 500 billion - Economist

Chinese ban loses cryptocurrencies more than $ 300 billion

Cryptocurrencies Collapse
China announced, in shocking news of the "cryptocurrency" market, that the market lost its balance within minutes and made digital currencies bleed nearly $ 330 billion in one day, and currencies fell by 16.2% of the value of cryptocurrencies.
The following are the most important cryptocurrencies affected by the crash on May 19, 2021:
  1. Dogecoin fell by 24.7% and reached $ 0.36.
  2. Cardano currency fell by 19.1% and reached $ 1.66.
  3. Litecoin fell by 31.2% and reached $ 204.
  4. Ethereum Classic is down 26% and has a price of $ 65.
  5. Binance Coin currency fell by 26.6% and reached $ 376.
  6. Ethereum is down by 21.7%, and its price is $ 2,639.
  7. Bitcoin currency fell 10.8%, reaching $ 38,244.

Elon Musk tweets, Bitcoin collapses

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla electric car maker, tweeted two days ago that Tesla will dump its bitcoin because bitcoin uses a huge amount of fossil fuels, which is what Tesla is fighting.
This tweet led to a collapse in the price of Bitcoin and a decline in its price of $ 38,000, neglecting the large gains it had made during the beginning of this year.

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