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Cardano A new record for the first time

Cardano a new record
Cardano a new record
Cardano currency broke the $ 2 barrier for the first time in its history during trading on May 17, 2021, as it is now trading at a price of $ 2.14.
We find that the Cardano cryptocurrency, symbolized by the ADA, is considered one of the most common digital currencies, and it has recently registered good demand for it to make it rise in price and in the total market value.
As we find that the Cardano currency has been muted over the past year, the coin has now come a long way on the price charts this year.
Many analysts in the cryptocurrency market have spoken about the upside to this alternative currency, as Cardano's project has been described as an "Ethereum killer" but others have portrayed the ADA as a hedge against Ethereum instead.
Others report that this is unusual optimism given the current consolidation phase of the ADA, but looking at a broader framework, the ADA digital currency has risen by more than 3000% in the past 12 months, and we find that it was the sixth-largest digital currency destined for more. From height.
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