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Gold prices decline with an increase US bond yields

Gold Prices Today
Gold Prices Today
"Gold Prices" declined at the beginning of trading on Monday corresponding to the 5th of April, as the yields of US Treasury bonds increased in addition to the rise of many global stocks after good data on jobs that came better than expected in the United States, which gave optimism about a rapid economic recovery.
  1. Gold price declined in spot trading by 0.3%, which led to its price reaching $ 1723.16 an ounce.
  2. Gold prices in US gold futures were stable at $ 1761.20 an ounce.
The US economy in March created the largest number of jobs in the past seven months, as more Americans received the vaccine and the government distributed more aid money linked to the pandemic.
As for the other precious metals, we find their prices as follows:
  1. Silver prices fell by 1.1%, reaching $ 24.70 per ounce.
  2. Palladium fell by 0.8%, at $ 2,645.98.
  3. The price of platinum fell by 0.1%, and its price reached 1208 dollars per ounce.
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