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Dollar is falling against the basket of major currencies - Economist

US dollar fell against the currencies

US dollar fell against the currencies
US dollar fell against the currencies
US dollar declined during trading on Friday due to an increase in risk appetite ahead of the US jobs data that is released during the day, as is usual at the beginning of each month.
The US dollar index declined by 0.1% and reached 101.75 against a basket of other major currencies, while the "currency of European Union" countries, the Euro, rose by 0.1% to $1.0747.
In the same context, the "Japan currency" continued to be far from its lowest level in ten years against the dollar at around 130, with the Bank of Japan sticking to its very low interest rate policy, as the Governor of the Bank of Japan said today, Friday, June 3, that it is not desirable to rise Prices are significantly higher while household income growth remains weak.
The Canadian dollar settled at 1.2571 against the greenback after having jumped the previous day as the Bank of Canada opened the door to a sharper tightening.
The Swiss currency "Swiss Franc" continued around the levels recorded in mid-May after the President of the Swiss National Bank, Thomas Jordan, indicated that the central bank may take measures if inflation pressures persist.
باحث اقتصادي هدفي إنشاء موسوعة عن الدول العربية توضح جوانب القوة في كل دولة، واتمني أن يأتي اليوم الذي يتحد فيه العرب لتعم الفائدة علي كل الشعوب.


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