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Cryptocurrency whales seize opportunities

Cryptocurrency whales seize opportunities
Cryptocurrency whales seize opportunities
With a sharp decline in the prices of cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular during trading on June 12, 2022, the whales of the cryptocurrency market took advantage of the decline in currency prices. They seized opportunities to buy to the tunes of cannonballs and bloodshed.
With the drop in the price of the “XRP” currency, whales transferred 335 million XRP by Ripple to and from trading platforms, as revealed by the “Whale Alert” crypto transaction tracking service, which focuses on tracking large crypto transactions, about many of the transactions that Hold large amounts of Ripple's XRP cryptocurrency.
In the same context, the digital currency Cardano "ADA", which operates on the BNB blockchain, which was known as the BSC blockchain, entered the top ten list of most digital currencies purchased on this network.
The ADA coin, which runs on the Binance BSC blockchain, held fifth place among the top ten cryptocurrencies purchased, with whales accumulating over 19 million Cardano.
As for Dogecoin, a whale caught 400,000,000,000 units of Dogecoin on the BNB blockchain and paid $31,666,000 for it.

How do I invest in digital currencies easily?

You can easily buy cryptocurrencies through the following platforms:
  1. Binance platform link here.
  2. BitMart platform link here.
  3. KuCoin platform link here.
  4. BitHot platform link here.
  5. platform link here.
  6. OKX platform link here.
  7. MEXC platform link here.
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