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US jobs report lifts US stocks

US jobs report
US jobs report
After US stocks closed on Thursday with a significant decline, the session opened Thursday, June 4th with gains, due to the US economic jobs report, with the expectation that the Federal Reserve will continue its supportive measures to the economy. 
The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States announced the following figures: 
  1. The number of non-farm payrolls in America rose in May 2021, increasing by 559,000 workers, which is less than expected. 
  2. The unemployment rate decreased by 0.9% and reached 5.8%. 
  3. The number of unemployed decreased to 9.3 million, a decrease of 496,000 compared to April. 
  4. Temporary layoffs decreased by 291,000 and reached 1.8 million. 
  5. The labor force participation rate remained almost flat on a monthly basis at 61.6%. 
  6. The number of people working from home fell 1.7 points per second month over month to 16.8%. 
  7. The leisure and hospitality sector again contributed the most to the increase, adding 292,000 new employees, followed by public and private education, resulting in the hiring of 144,000 new employees. 
If we look at the US stock indices, we will find that the Dow Jones opened the session up by 0.37%, with the Dow Inc rising by 0.52%, while the Standard & Poor's rose by 0.49% as PTC shares rose by 1.87%. The Nasdaq 100 also rose 0.64%, led by DocuSign, which jumped 9.31%. 
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