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Equity funds attract massive inflows of $39 billion - Economist

The stock market is attracting capital

Stock Market
Stock Market
A report from Bank of America revealed that there are huge flows to stock funds in global stock exchanges, as investors pumped a huge amount of $ 39 billion in global stocks and $ 16 billion in bonds in the week ending June 16, before turning The Federal Reserve towards monetary policy tends to tighten.
These inflows are the largest since March 2021 for stocks, as investors withdraw money from cash funds that have seen redemptions that reached the largest level since December 2020 at $ 54.9 billion, according to a Bank of America report.
In the same context, European stocks witnessed the largest inflows of inflows since February 2018, which amounted to 3.3 billion dollars, while the value of exits from technology shares reached 4.4 billion dollars, to continue the exodus for the sixth consecutive week, the worst since January 2019.
Bank of America said inflows into stocks overall have reached $1.2 trillion in the 12 months so far, the largest ever.
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