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Gold Price Today

Gold Price Today | Precious Metals Prices
Gold Price Today | Precious Metals Prices
With investors waiting for the US jobs data and the extent of the clarity of the upcoming economic policies of the Federal Reserve in the United States of America, we find that the price of gold is hovering around its lowest level in two months during trading on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.
We find that the yellow metal is heading towards the worst monthly decline since November of 2016. Here are the gold prices today:
  1. Gold prices in spot transactions decreased by 0.2%, and its price reached 1757.76 dollars per ounce, after touching its lowest level since April 15 at 1749.20 dollars on Tuesday.
  2. Gold prices in US gold futures lost 0.3% to $1,757.80.
The prices of the yellow metal have fallen by 7.8% since the beginning of June, as it was pressured by a sudden shift of the US central bank towards the monetary tightening that is expected to be implemented.

Precious Metals Prices

  1. For other precious metals, silver prices rose 0.1% to $25.78 an ounce.
  2. The price of the metal palladium rose by 0.4% to $ 2688.83 and is heading towards achieving gains for the fourth consecutive quarter.
  3. The price of platinum fell by 0.4% to 1063.16 and is heading towards recording the largest monthly and quarterly decline since March 2020.
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