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Manufacturing Coronavirus vaccines for free - Economist

America relinquishes ownership of Coronavirus vaccines

Manufacturing Coronavirus vaccines for free
Manufacturing Coronavirus vaccines for free
The administration of US President "Joe Biden" decided that it supports the waiver of intellectual property for all approved "Coronavirus" vaccines, in order to allow developing countries and all countries of the world to manufacture their own vaccines so that the world controls the Corona pandemic.
Last week, French President "Emmanuel Macron" urged the US government to lift restrictions imposed on exports of Covid-19 vaccines and vaccine components.
But Albert Burla, CEO of Pfizer, warned Friday, May 7, 2021, that the waiver of intellectual property for Corona vaccines would trigger a global race for raw materials, and this from its role would threaten the safe and effective manufacture of vaccine doses.
Wary Burla, whose company produces one of the three vaccines approved for emergency use in the United States, said he believed the waiver proposal "will create more problems."
In the same context, Polar said, the infrastructure is not a bottleneck for us to manufacture faster, the constraint is the scarcity of raw materials needed to produce our vaccine.
Burla said that the Pfizer vaccine requires 280 different substances and ingredients sourced from 19 countries around the world and that without intellectual property protection, entities with much less experience than Pfizer in manufacturing vaccines will start competing for the same ingredients.
He pointed out that, At the present time, almost every gram of raw materials are shipped immediately to our manufacturing facilities and is immediately and reliably converted into vaccines that are immediately shipped all over the world.
He predicted that the proposed concession "threatens to disrupt the flow of raw materials."
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