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Gold Price Today

Gold prices rose today, Friday, during today's trading, after the rise of the global price of gold, an ounce of gold, from $ 1886 an ounce to a price of $ 1927.

Gold Price
Gold Price

  1. Instant transactions gold rose 1.8% to 1927.51 dollars an ounce.
  2. Gold in US Futures contracts rose 2.1% to 1934 dollars.

Oil Prices Today

Oil prices fell on Friday (October 9th) by more than 1% after a strike by oil workers ended in Norway, which will raise crude production even though Hurricane Delta forced US energy companies to cut production.

Oil Prices
Oil Prices

The price of a barrel of oil

  1. Brent crude oil price fell 1.10% and its price fell to $ 42.85 .
  2. West Texas Intermediate "WTI" crude fell 1.40% and its price fell to $ 40.60 .

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