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Bitcoin price continues to rise

The price of Bitcoin exceeded the $ 11,000 barrier in trading on Friday, October 9, 2020, after a period of decline in which the price of Bitcoin reached $ 10,500 in the first week of October and has now recovered above $ 11,000. As for writing this article, we find that the price of Bitcoin represents about 11,311 dollars.

Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a rally over the past week, rising nearly 6.5% since October 2, and traders believe that the $ 10,500 level remains the most important level for bitcoin.

It is worth noting that it represents a historically important support level in both the continuous cycle and previous price cycles, in 2019 Bitcoin consistently peaked at $ 10,500.

The digital currencies had witnessed a boom since the beginning of the second week of this October, after global political and economic events, the most important of which were the drop in oil prices and the decline of the dollar, in addition to the US President’s announcement that he had been infected with the new Corona virus. 

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