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China population declined for first time in 70 years - Economist

China's population shrank for the first time since 1961

China's population declined for first time in 70 years
China's population declined for first time in 70 years
China population declined in the past year 2022 for the first time since 1961, and this is a historic shift that is expected to be the beginning of a long period of decline in the numbers of its citizens.
Thus, India is poised to become the world's most populous country in 2023. China's National Bureau of Statistics said the country had 1.41175 billion people at the end of 2022 compared to 1.41260 billion a year earlier.
Last year, the birth rate in China reached 6.77 births per thousand people, down from a birth rate of 7.52 births in 2021, which is the lowest birth rate ever.
In the same context, China recorded the highest death rate since 1974, as it recorded 7.37 deaths per thousand people, compared to an average of 7.18 deaths in 2021.
Much of China's population decline is due to the one-child policy imposed by the Chinese government between 1980 and 2015, as well as prohibitive education costs that have deterred many Chinese from having more than one child or even one child at all.
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