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Criteria for choosing and investing in cryptocurrencies

Steps to choosing & investing in cryptocurrencies
Steps to choosing & investing in cryptocurrencies
In this article, we will show you the most important criteria and steps that you must follow before investing in any digital currency and adding it to your investment portfolio.
First: What is the problem that the coin solves or the addition it provides to the blockchain? 
Second: You must ensure that the source code of the currency is included on the GitHub platform, and it is preferable that the code be open source.
Third: You must know the "total supply" and the annual inflation rate in the currency, in addition to the distribution of the currency among the investors and the team. 
Fourth: You must know the percentages of portfolio acquisition from the etherscan platform. 
Fifth: You must read the White Paper and see the Roadmap of the currency. 
Sixth: You must follow the market cap for the currency. 
Seventh: The sector in which its project is listed must be consistent with the general trend of the crypto market, such as the Web 3 sector, Metaverse, NFT, and networks.

How do I invest in digital currencies easily?

You can easily buy cryptocurrencies through the following platforms:
  1. Binance platform link here.
  2. BitMart platform link here.
  3. KuCoin platform link here.
  4. BitHot platform link here.
  5. platform link here.
  6. OKX platform link here.
  7. MEXC platform link here.
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