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Gold prices rise with increased demand

Gold and precious metals prices today
Gold and precious metals prices today
The prices of the yellow metal "Gold" rose during today's trading, with a value of more than 50 dollars, due to the decline of the US dollar to its lowest level in a month, making gold priced in dollars less expensive for buyers abroad.
The price of gold in spot transactions rose by more than 0.7%, and its price reached 1858.19 dollars an ounce after it rose to its highest level since the ninth of May at 1865.29 dollars on Monday.
In the same context, gold futures prices rose by 0.4%, and their price reached 1854.40 dollars.

Price of silver and precious metals

The price of silver in spot transactions rose by 0.4% and reached $21.86 per ounce, and for other precious metals, the price of platinum decreased by 0.2% and reached $956.93, while the price of palladium rose by 1.4% and reached $2021.28.
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