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US indices rise S&P500 & Nasdaq

Wall Street indices
Wall Street indices
The US stock indexes (S&P500 and Nasdaq) rose during Wall Street trading on Monday, supported by gains in energy stocks and a jump in Tesla shares.
In the same context, investors are awaiting an important meeting of the US Federal Reserve later this week, after which the interest rate will be determined.

The Dow Jones index broke new historical levels and crossed the 36,000-point level for the first time ever during the trading session, and the US Federal Reserve is expected to approve at the conclusion of Wednesday's meeting plans to reduce its $120 billion per month bond-purchasing program while investors focus on comments On interest rates and the prospects for the continuation of the recent jump in inflation.
The Dow Jones ended the trading session up 93.69 points, or 0.26%, and reached 35913.25 points, while the benchmark Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 8.29 points, or 0.18%, to close at 4613.67 points, and the Nasdaq Composite Index closed up 96.21 points, or 0.62%, and reached to 15,594.59 points.
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