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China's economy is back strong after the Corona crisis

China trade surplus rises
China trade surplus rises
Manufacturing returned strongly to the Chinese economy, which led to a rise in China's exports in October by 27.1% on an annual basis, exceeding all expectations, while imports jumped 20.6%, according to Chinese customs data.
China recorded a trade balance surplus of $84.54 billion last month, compared to the poll's expectations of recording a surplus of $65.55 billion, and it is noteworthy that China had recorded a surplus of $66.76 billion in September 2021.

Trade between the Chinese and American economy

We find that the trade surplus between China and the United States of America amounted to 40.75 billion dollars in October, down from 42 billion dollars in September. 
China and the United States are among the most partnering countries despite the years-long trade war.
If we look at the first ten months of this year, we find that the surplus between the two countries amounted to 320.67 billion dollars, and in the same context, the American Trade Representative Catherine Tay confirmed, in October, she pledged to exclude some Chinese imports from customs duties, at a time when she is putting pressure on Beijing Against the backdrop of failing to fulfill some of its commitments in the "phase 1" trade deal struck under the administration of Donald Trump.
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