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Shares change your future life

Stocks change your future life
Stocks change your future life
If you had to pick only 5 stocks to trade for the rest of your life based on what you know now, what would they be? 
Meaning you can only buy and sell those only.  No Index funds, no ETFs, no mutual funds. Single stocks only. 
  1. MSFT- My favorite tech stock by far. In the long term always seems to keep up with the pace of new tech and has a solid workforce and at least since they dropped Balmer, management is on point.
  2. AMZN- Absolute monster. Hard to not want it in my lineup. They will continue to grow and buy up/absorb new tech and are not afraid to buy up the little guy to increase their market share. 
  3. AMD- I like them for the fact that their tech has been setting the bar as of late. While Intel or Nvidia might be bigger and have more market share, I think AMD has more potential over a long term. 
  4. HD- I like the grasp on the non-tech market they have. They do well during economic growth. They sustain during economic lulls. And even though I'm a Lowes guy, they are the workhorse in household consumer goods and building materials.
  5. BA- Chose this over an airline because it moves with the same news, but is tied in closely with US Military spending and will sustain over times of peace and war.  
Note: Must be I invest 70ish% in funds. And only about 25% of the portfolio is in blue chips. But thought it'd be fun to see what people choose and their reasoning. You can write your favorite shares in a comment below the article.
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