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Hurricane Grace hits Mexico's oil-producing state of Veracruz

Hurricane Grace hits Mexico
Hurricane Grace hits Mexico
Hurricane Grace hit Mexico's oil producing state of Veracruz early Saturday morning as President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador urged people in five states to seek refuge and shelter.

The National Hurricane Center said Grace was a Category 3 hurricane on Friday evening, with maximum sustained winds of 195 kilometers per hour.

Lopez Obrador said on Twitter that thousands of civil protection forces, the Ministry of Defense and the Navy, as well as the state electric company, where equipped.

The Miami-based National Hurricane Center said Grace was about 165 km north of Veracruz late Friday night, moving west at 17 kph.

Last week, authorities said, Grace swept across Mexico's Caribbean coast, knocking down trees and knocking out power to about 700,000 people, but without causing any loss of life.

Grace also swept Jamaica and Haiti, which are still reeling from the effects of a 7.2-magnitude earthquake accompanied by torrential rain.
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