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Correction wave for US stocks

Correction wave
Correction wave
"Wall Street" stock market fell significantly yesterday, amid a large wave of sales sparked by concerns about the economic recovery in the United States of America and the world in general, which led to the decline of all American stock indexes from record-high levels.
In order to avoid risk, investors quickly sold and went to the bond market, in order to cover short positions in the bond market, and the benchmark US Treasury bond yield fell for ten years for the eighth session in a row.

Three American indices

With investors turning to the bond market to avoid the risks resulting from the correction wave in the stock market, the three major indices of US stocks closed sharply lower, as we will see now.
  1. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the trading session on Thursday down by 256.34 points, reaching 34,425.45 points.
  2. The "Standard & Poor's 500 Index" decreased by 37.31 points, to close at 4320.82 points.
  3. The "Nasdaq Composite Index" closed down by 101.36 points and reached 14563.71 points.

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