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Putin announces a new vaccine for the Corona virus - Economist

Good News New Vaccine for Corona virus

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of what Russia claims to be the first vaccine for the corona virus in the world.
Vladimir Putin said one of his daughters had already taken it. "As far as I know, a vaccine against a new Corona virus infection has been registered this morning, for the first time in the world".
He said at a meeting with members of the government, RIA Novosti reported "Although I know that it works quite effectively, it forms a stable immunity and, I repeat, has passed all the necessary checks".
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Clinical trials of this Russian vaccine have been completed in less than two months and phase three trials are set to begin on Wednesday, despite the vaccine having already been registered.
No data has yet been published by the researchers and the long-term effects and safety of this possible vaccine currently remain unclear.
Putin also stated that one of his daughters had been vaccinated against the coronavirus, commenting, "In this sense, she took part in the experiment".
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