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Concept Economic Growth

Economic growth is characterized by an increase in the total output of an economy.
It occurs when a society acquires new resources or when society learns to produce more with existing resources.
Economic Growth
Economic Growth

How to achieve economic growth?

  • The country's attempt to uncover new resources to help it continue the process of economic growth, such as gold and oil discoveries.
  • The increase in the workforce "manpower" in the country is a major factor in economic growth, and it is desirable to pay attention to it and develop it.
  • Technology and new scientific discoveries are among the causes of economic growth, and their availability depends on having significant savings in the country to attract technology.

Importance of economic growth

  • The further improvement in the standard of living of individuals with the increase in national income.
  • The presence of permanent demand for workers, which eliminates the dilemma of unemployment in the economy and thus stimulates permanent production.
  • Reducing the deficit in the state’s general budget or achieving a surplus that can be invested.
  • The existence of economic stability in the country, by providing the basic needs of the country for resources, goods, and others.

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